Spring 2021

Welcoming "Angus"

Spring has begun! Thank GOODNESS! Winter was harsh here in Iowa. Snow, Snow, below zero temperatures, and more SNOW! All of the goats have been cooped up in the barn, All. WINTER. LONG...

Opal and Ralph went out last week for the first time since December, and they ran around so fast, loving the fresh air, and refused to go back in. So they didn't, they've been in and out since then. Shimmer, Shine, Joey, Milky Way, Snowie and Cottie, have yet to be out for long periods at a time. The below freezing temps at night still make me want to keep them in. In the last month, we've added 2 barn cats to the clan, Wiskers and Smokey. They are doing great, staying close by, and loves greeting you when you come to feed. We've also taken in another bottle baby fainter! Bo, is almost all white, with brown wings by his eyes and he's the most loving little guy! My kids have come to realize, when babies are in the barn, they are too!

Next on the list, is something new to us that we've never tried before. Along with becoming newbies to goat farming, running an AirBnb which is also thriving, we are getting a calf. A bottle calf, black angus bull, which is where he got the name "Angus". My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I could train it to walk on a lead. So I guess we will see! He will be coming home this weekend sometime, so we have some prepping to do to get ready for him!

Someday, I'm hoping in the near future I would love to add a couple horses to our clan. I'm still working on that venture, getting told no doesn't go over well and I usually do it anyway (haha). Which my husband LOVES about me. (hints the sarcasm) But for now, we will be kept busy with kidding season, bottle feedings, bookings at the AirBnb, school, working, dance competitions and all that fun stuff that comes with our chaotic life that we wouldn't have any other way!

Stay safe friends, and enjoy spring!

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