Becoming Midwest Fainters

Lets just start by saying 2020 made us do some crazy things! My in-laws bought a 45 acre farm between their house and ours, which we call Competine Creek Farm. On that farm sits a farm house, barn, and out buildings. Come March of 2020 we decided to renovate the house into an AirBNB. So Double E Farms came to exist, and remodeling was under way, right away! Then COVID hit, my kids got torn out of school, I was homeschooling them the best I could, working from home, overseeing renovations, we decided to add to the chaos, we wanted a goat. After I did some research, I found that I wanted a myotonic fainting goat. Not only because they were so cute, but I thought it would be great entertainment to add to the AirBNB. Early May 2020 was it, I had found the one I wanted, and she was beautiful. I contacted the breeder, and that weekend we were off...

Story of my life, we left to pick up a goat and came home with 2, a brother and sister! And while we had no idea what we were doing, they seemed to thrive! We couldn't of loved Hank and Opal any more than we did! Love isn't always all it takes to keep livestock or any animal for that matter, well and alive...

We lost Hank to bloat in August, after a week of emergency vet visits, antibiotics, and many trips to the barn checking on him, we lost him. The kids and I were there when he took his last breath, and as a mother it was one of the hardest things to watch my kids go through at such young ages. Hank was Carson's goat, and he took the loss so hard my mama heart couldn't take it! We buried him at the animal cemetery my in-laws have behind their house, overlooking the lake.

I contacted the breeder we got them from, she didn't have any available kids at the time so I got put on a waitlist for fall/winter kids. That didn't fix matters, Opal was alone, my son was goat-less, and my heart was still breaking for him. I was on Craigslist so fast looking for a companion for Opal, it wasn't prime kidding season but I found 2 Nigerian Dwarfs that were 8 days old, that needed bottle fed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with them. I drove, picked up these 2 tiny goats, still so cute, but my kids lit up. All in one day, lost Hank, added Snowie and Cottie. What a roller coaster of emotions. Adding them to our "Farmily" was one of the best and worst decisions I've ever made. After 2 months of bottle feeding day and night, spending countless hours at the barn with our new additions, they are trained like dogs. THEY NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE! I've came to figure out, they aren't as easy as fainting goats, they can't be contained!

Come October, fainting kids were starting to fall and we fell in love with the new kids we picked! This time we added 4, 2 buckling's and 2 doeling's. Joey, Milky Way, Shimmer, and Shine made their way to Midwest Fainters. Same weekend I found Wreck it Ralph. He was the same exact age as Opal, and all I could think of was BABIES! Which is exactly what has happened. I got him, and they've been inseparable ever since! Now, we are hoping for a late May/June kidding, which is another journey in itself!

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